Raising Money For Charity is Not an Easy Job – Reposting

Fundraising the Dead

By: Sheila Connolly

Copyright October, 2010

Sheila Connolly has written the epitome of first series stories.  This is the story of Nell Pratt, the Director of Development at the Pennsylvania Antiquarian Society. Her job is to bring money in to support the Society and keeps its doors open so that they can safeguard the documents and historical items on display and in storage.  She is extremely good at this but doesn’t actually give herself enough credit what she has accomplished so far.

Nell is preparing for a Gala Fundraising dinner to be held in the Society’s building.  The Gala is in celebration of the 125th Anniversary of the Society’s guardianship of the Historic Treasures of Philadelphia. She is going over her plans in her head over and over and over….  This has to be successful so that the Board of Directors will see just how much she cares about the Society and its purpose.

Nell’s day is interrupted by the arrival of Martha Terwilliger aka Marty.  Marty is a 3rd generation board member, and the granddaughter of one of the founders.  She has been sticking her nose into things for years and Nell just doesn’t have time for her today.   Marty insists that Nell take a minute to hear her problem. Some of the documents that her family donated are missing.  They are part of a group written by George Washington to Marty’s ancestor.  She explains that Nell, even though this is not in her job title is the only one that can help her solve the problem.

From this point on Nell’s life becomes a roller coaster of intrigue, murder, and suspense.  This book will draw you into the center of Philadelphia’s old family society.   It will even make you laugh at what Nell and her partners in crime get into and how they extricate themselves.   I recommend it to anyone.

FTC Full Disclosure: This book was given to me as a gift by a friend and I wrote my review for the pleasure of sharing my love of good reading.


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