Here’s my view of the February 2015 releases!

Here’s my view of the coming month, as always it is multi-genre.

Enjoy all the great reads.


Week of Feb. 1st.

Perfect Kind of Trouble – Finding Fate #2 – Chelsea Fine
Fry Another Day – Biscuit Bowl Mystery #2 – J.J. Cook
Played by the Book – A Novel Idea Mystery #4 – Lucy Arlington
Casually Cursed – Southern Witch #5 – Kimberly Frost
Gilt by Association – A Caprice DeLuca Mystery – Karen Rose Smith
Town in a Sweet Pickle – A Candy Holliday Mystery – B.B. Haywood
Criminal Confections – A Chocolate Whisperer Mystery #1 – Colette London
Master of Plagues – A Nicolas Lenoir Novel #2 – E.L. Tettensor
Ghost Killer – Ghost Seer #3 – Robin D. Owens
Hunter Reborn – Moon Shifter #5 – Katie Reus
As Gouda as Dead – A Cheese Shop Mystery – Avery Aames
Death of a Liar – Hamish McBeth #31 – M.C. Beaton
Dead Man Walker – A Consignment Shop Mystery – Ebook only – Duffy Brown
A Root Awakening – A Flower Shop Mystery #16 – Kate Collins
An Early Wake – A County Cork Mystery #3 – Sheila Connolly
At the Drop of a Hat – A Hat Shop Mystery – Jenn McKinlay
License to Dill – A Pickled and Preserved Mystery – Mary Ellen Hughes
By Book or by Crook – A Lighthouse Library Mystery – Eva Gates
Sandpiper Island – The Bachelors of Blueberry Cove #3 – Donna Kaufman
Fire me Up – A Pine Mountain Novel #4 – Kimberly Kincaid
Killer Physique – A Savannah Reid Mystery – G.A. McKevett
Wishing Lake – A Finding Home Novel – Regina Hart
At the Drop of a Hat – A Hat Shop Mystery – Jenn McKinlay
Crybaby – A Jeff Resnick Mystery (24 page kindle book) – L.L. Bartlett *
Week of Feb. 8th.

The Ruby Circle – Bloodlines #6 – Richelle Mead *
Barbeques and Bad News – An Adams Grove Novel #6 – Nancy Nagle *
Deadly Spells – A Sabina Kane Novel – Jaye Wells *

Week of Feb. 15th.

Dark Debt – Chicagoland Vampires #11 – Chloe Neill
Lies that Bind – A Maeve Conlon Mystery #2 – Maggie Barbieri *
Drawing Conclusions – A Sketch in Time Mystery – Deirdre Verne *

Week of Feb. 22rd.

A Wicked Thing – Rhiannon Thomas *
Double Fudge Brownie Murder – A Hannah Swensen Mystery – Joanne Fluke *
Grave Matters – A Night Owls Novel #2 – Lauren M. Roy *
I Was Here – YA/NA Contemporary – Gayle Forman *
The Girls of Mischief Bay – Mischief Bay #1 – Susan Mallory *
The Immortal Who Loved Me – An Argeneau Novel – Lynsay Sands *
A Healthy Homicide – A Blossom Valley Mystery – Staci McLaughlin *
Against the Sky – The Brodie’s of Alaska #2 – Kat Martin *
Murder with Fried Chicken and Waffles – A Mahalia Watkins Soul Food Mystery – A.I. Herbert *
The Wedding Circle – A Cherry Cola Book Club Novel #3 – Ashton Lee *
Flamenco, Flan, and Fatalities – A Happy Hoffers Mystery #2 – Mary McHugh *
Stiff Penalty – A Mattie Winston Mystery – Annelise Ryan *
Blood Legacy – The VV Inn Book 4 – C.J. Ellisson *

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My Review of The Missing Dough by Chris Cavener

I’m reposting this review because Kensington will be re-releasing it in paperback editions. I loved this author’s work the first time around and still enjoy it today.

The Missing DoughMissing Dough
By: Chris Cavender
Copyright: January 2015
Publisher: Kensington

Maddy’s ex-husband, Grant Whitmore, has come back to Timber Ridge, North Carolina claiming he wants to patch things up. It’s soon evident that he has another motive altogether—Grant’s late mother left Maddy something in her will. Maddy refuses to sign the quitclaim that Grant brought with him, despite his threats. But Grant won’t be threatening anyone much longer, for later that night, his body is discovered near the Founder’s Day festival.

Matters are complicated even further when Grant’s sister shows up, accusing Maddy and her fiance of having a part in the murder. As Eleanor and Maddy investigate, they find a great many people who might want to see Grant dead. But can they unearth the culprit before false accusations burn their reputations to a crisp?

My review:
Just when you think you can enjoy a quiet evening out with your sister and the guys the fly in the ointment appears. Maddy’s ex shows up to cause trouble. Supposedly he claims he wants her back, but she puts an end to that quickly. Grant then informs her that his mother had died and that Maddy was named in the will. He tries to get her to sign a quitclaim and she again tells him to take a hike. But that’s not the end of the trouble when he shows up dead and Eleanor and Maddy have to find the real killer to keep their boyfriends out of jail.
Next layer of aggravation for the girls is the appearance of Maddy’s ex sister in law who accuses Maddy and her fiancé of her brother’s murder. Mix in another layer which includes gangsters and threats and you have the most outrageous and interesting story yet in the Pizza Lovers Mystery series.
I highly recommend this book and all the previous ones as a great series to follow and own.
FTC Full Disclosure: I received my copy of this book from the publishers who only requested a fair and impartial review.

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New Releases for December 2014 and an Apology

Here is my list of new titles coming out this month…. as always it is multi-genre.

I’d also like to apologize for the lack of reviews on this site lately.  I’m finding that as soon as I finish a book and place it on my desk to review, I forget what the book was about.  Like when you get up to get something from another room, only to find when you get there you no longer remember why you came in that room.  I’m working at it though and hope to start putting out reviews again shortly.

Thank you for your patience.


December 2014

Week of Dec. 1st.

City of Eternal Night – Crescent City #2 – Kristen Painter
Once Upon a Grind – A Coffee House Mystery – Cleo Coyle
Scorched Eggs – A Cackleberry Club Mystery – Laura Childs
Keeper of the Castle – A Haunted Home Renovation Mystery – Juliet Blackwell
Meow if it’s Murder – A Nick and Nora Mystery – T.C. LoTempio
The Ghost and Mrs. Mewer – Pet Hotel Mystery Series #2 – Krista Davis
Inspector Spector – A Haunted Guesthouse Mystery – E.J. Copperman
Death with All the Trimmings – A Key West Food Critic Mystery – Lucy Burdette
Aground on St. Thomas – Mystery in the Islands #3 – Rebecca M. Hale
Murder, Served Simply – An Amish Quilt Shop Mystery – Isabella Alan
Geared for the Grave – A Cycle Path Mystery #1 – Duffy Brown
Spell Booked – Retired Witches Mystery #1- Joyce and Jim Lavene
If You’ve Got it, Haunt It – Haunted Vintage Mystery Series #1 – Rose Pressey
Keeper of the Castle – A Haunted Home Repair Mystery – Juliet Blackwell
Wickedly Wonderful – Baba Yaga #2 – Deborah Blake
Bittersweet Melody – Belinda Boring
Shadow of Doubt – Carol Childs Mystery #1 – Nancy Cole Silverman *
Universal Alien – Gini Koch
Tagged for Death – A Sarah Winston Garage Sale Mystery #1 (e-version) – Sherry Harris *
Love me Tender – A Caribou Crossing Romance # 5 – Susan Fox *
The Chihuahua Always Sniffs Twice – Barking Detective #6 5 – Waverly Curtis *
The PMS Murder – A Jaine Austen Mystery – Laura Levine *
Suspicion at Seven – A Lois Meade Mystery – Ann Purser *

Week of Dec. 7th.

Week of Dec. 14th.

Reverent – Demonica #11 – Larissa Ione *
Kill Em with Cayenne – Spice Shop Mystery #2 – Gail Oust *

Week of Dec. 21st.

Week of Dec. 28h.

One Witch is Not Enough – Retired Witch’s Spell Book Mystery #1 – J.& J. Lavene
Universal Alien – Alien #10 – Gini Koch
Keeper of the Castle – A Haunted Home Repair Mystery – Juliet Blackwell *
Crouching Tiger, Forbidden Vampire – Love at Stake #16 – Kerrelyn Sparks *
Low Midnight – A Kitty Norville Novel – Carrie Vaughn *
Meet Your Baker – A Bakeshop Mystery – Ellie Alexander *
Murder at the Book Group – Maggie King *
Broken Bonds – A Cold Creek Mystery – Karen Harper *
Paw and Order – A Paw Enforcement Novel – Diane Kelly *
Eyes Only – The Sisterhood #24 – Fern Michaels *

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Here is you list for Nov. 2014 releases

November 2014

Week of Nov. 1st. – 8th.

One Potion in the Grave – Magic Potion Mystery #2 – Heather Blake
Christmas Cozy – Zoe Donavan #11 – Kathi Daley *
Hell On Wheels – Odelia Grey Mystery #9 – Sue Ann Jaffarian *
Another One Bites the Dust – Jensen Murphy, Ghost for Hire #2 – Chris Marie Green *
On Borrowed Time – A Library Lover’s Mystery – Jenn McKinlay *
Lethal Letters – A Books by the Bay Mystery #6 – Ellery Adams *
A High-End Finish – A Fixer-Upper Mystery #1 – Kate Carlisle *
No Mallets Intended – A Vintage Kitchen Mystery – Victoria Hamilton *
Deeper Than the Grave – Tai Randolph/ Trey Seaver #4 – Tina Whittle *
Plagued by Quilt – A Haunted Yarn Shop Mystery #4 – Molly MacRae *
Reap the Wind – A Cassie Palmer Novel – Karen Chance
Waistcoats & Weaponry – Finishing School #3 – Gail Carriger *
Snow White Red- Handed – Fairy Tale Fatal Mystery #1 – Maia Chance *
Last Wolf Standing – Belinda Boring *
A Dog Gone Murder – Josie Marcus, Mystery Shopper Novel – Elaine Viets *
Suede to Rest – A Material Witness Mystery #1 – Diane Vallere *
The Chocolate Clown Corpse – A Chocoholic Mystery – JoAnna Carl *
Chorus Line, Caviar and Corpses – Happy Hoofers #1 – Mary McHugh *
Dirty Deeds – Savannah Martin #9 – Jenna Bennett *
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie – A Sister Jane Mystery – Rita Mae Brown *
Knot in my Backyard – Quilting #2 – Mary Marks *
Knot Guilty – Crochet Mystery series #9 – Betty Hechtman *
Bloody Politics – A Molly Malone Mystery – Maggie Sefton *

Week of Nov. 9th.

Flesh and Blood – Kay Scarpetta Novel #22 – Patricia Cornwell *
Hell on Wheels – Odelia Grey Mystery #9 – Sue Ann Jaffarian *
If the Shoe Kills – A Tourist Trap Mystery – Lynn Cahoon E-book only *
Reap the Wind – Cassandra Palmer #7 – Karen Chance *

Week of Nov. 16th.

The Job – Fox and O’Hare #3 – Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg *
Bound by Ink – Living Ink #2 – Marcella Burnard *

Week of Nov. 23rd. – 30th.

Magic Steals – Jim and Dali Novella in Nigh shift Anthology – Nalini Singh and other authors
Betrayed – A Rosato & Associates Novel #13 – Lisa Scottolline *
Black Widow – Elemental Assassin #12 – Gini Koch *

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Here Are Your October 2014 New Releases

As always this list is Multi-Genre

October 2014

Week of Oct. 1st.
Stages of Grey – Dulcie Schwartz #8 – Clea Simon *
Checkered Past – Tonya Kappes *
Close to the Bone – Theresa MacLean #7 – Lisa Black
Week of Oct. 5th.

Weave of Absence – A Weaving Mystery #1 – Carol Ann Martin *
Bless Her Dead Little Heart – A Southern Sisters Mystery #1 – Miranda James*
Broken Soul – A Jane Yellowrock Novel #9 – Faith Hunter *
Otherworld Nights – Otherworld Stories #3 – Kelley Armstrong *
Trick or Deadly Treat – A Fresh-Baked Mystery – Livia J. Washburn *
Keeper of the Castle – A Haunted Home Renovation Mystery – Juliet Blackwell *
The Question of the Missing Head – Asperger’s Mystery #1 – E.J. Copperman *
Reckoning – Fallen Siren #2 – S.J. Harper *
One Potion in the Grave – Magic Potion Series #2 – Heather Blake *
The Legend of Sleepy Harlow – A League of Literary Ladies Mystery #3 – Kylie Logan *
Picked to Die – An Orchard Mystery – Sheila Connolly *
Off Kilter – Scottish Highlands Mystery #1 – Hannah Reed
A Crafty Christmas – Molly Cox Ryan *
Off Kilter – A Scottish Highlands Mystery – Hanna Reade *
A Midwinter’s Tail – A Magical Cats Mystery – Sofie Kelley *
Gossamer Ghost – A Scrapbooking Mystery – Laura Childs *
Truth Be Told – A Jane Ryland/Jake Brogan Thriller – Hank Phillippi Ryan *
Black Thursday – A Mrs. Frugalicious Shopping Mystery #2 – Linda Joffe Hull
Lost Under a Ladder – A Superstition Mystery #1 – Linda O. Johnston *
Death of a Christmas Caterer – A Hayley Powell Food & Cocktails Mystery – Lee Hollis *
Immortal – J.R. Ward
Deadlined – A Virgil Flowers Mystery #8 – John Sandford
Echoes of Scotland Street – Samantha Young
Poison Fruit – Jacqueline Carey
Undead and Unwary – Undead #13 – MaryJanice Davidson *
Weave of Darkness – A Weaving Mystery #3 – Carol Anne Martin
Ghost Wanted – Bailey Ruth #5 – Carolyn Hart *
The Old Deep and Dark – Jane Lawless #22 – Ellen Hart *
Her Avenging Angel – Felicity Heaton *

Week of Oct. 12th.

Redeemed – House of Night #12 – P.C. Cast *
One in a Million – Lucky Harbor #12 – Jill Shalvis *
The Corpse with the Platinum Hair – Cait Morgan Mystery #4 – Cathy Ace *

Week of Oct. 19th.

The Nightingale Before Christmas – A Meg Langslow Mystery – Donna Andrews *
Seventh Grave and No Body – Charley Davidson #7 – Darynda Jones *
A Haunting is Brewing – e-Novella – Art Forgery Mystery – Juliet Blackwell *
Demon Storm – Belador #5 – Dianna Love *

Week of Oct. 26th.

Some Like it Haute – Style & Error #4 – Diane Vallere *
Aground on St. Thomas – Rebecca M. Hale *
Treasure on Lilac Lane – Jewell Cove #2 – Donna Alward *
Blood Magick – The Cousins O’Dwyer Trilogy #3 – Nora Roberts *
Ho Ho Homicide – A Liss MacCrimmon Scottish Mystery – Kaitlyn Dunnett *
Treacherous Tart – Pie Shop Mystery #2 – Ellie Grant*
The Ledge on Holly Road- Life in Icicle Falls #6 – Sheila Roberta *
Archangel’s Shadows – Nalini Singh
Burn for Me – Ilona Andrews
The Handsome Man’s Deluxe Café – #1 Ladies Detective Agency – Alexander McCall Smith *

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Here are Your September 2014 Releases

September 2014

Week of Sept. 1st.

Forged by Desire – London Steampunk #4 – Bee McMaster
Murder of a Needled Knitter – A Scumble River Mystery #17 – Denise Swanson
The Skeleton Takes a Bow – Family Skeleton Mystery #2 – Leigh Perry
Wickedly Dangerous – Baba Yaga #1 – Deborah Blake
Darkness Falls – Dark Angels #7 – Keri Arthur
The Wolfe Widow – Book Collector Series #3 – Victoria Abbott
House Immortal – New Series – Devon Monk
Shifting Shadows – Stories from Mercy Thompson’s World – Patricia Briggs
The Wedding Soup Murder – Italian Kitchen #2 – Rosie Genova
Nightmares Can be Murder – A Dream Club Mystery #1 – Mary Kennedy
Death is Like a Box of Chocolates – A Chocolate Covered Mystery #1– Kathy Aarons
The Darling Dahlias and the Silver Dollar Bush – Darling Dahlias #5 – Susan Wittig Albert
To Fudge or Not to Fudge – Candy Coated Mystery #2 – Nancy Coco
The Winter Long – Toby Daye #8 – Seanan McGuire
Fat Cat at Large – A Fat Cat Mystery #1 – Janet Cantrell
Groomed for Murder – Pet Boutique #2 – Annie Knox
Marked Down for Murder – A Good Buy Girls Mystery #4 – Josie Belle
Rebel Without a Cake – Piece of Cake #5 – Jacklyn Brady
Caught Dead Handed – A Witch City Mystery #1 – Carol J. Perry

Week of Sept. 7th.

Festive in Death – In Death #39 – J.D. Robb
The Corpse with the Platinum Hair – Cait Morgan #4 – Cathy Ace
The Monogram Murders – Agatha Christie
The Witch With No Name – Last book in The Hallows Series – Kim Harrison ***
Shadows of a Main Christmas – Antiques Print Mystery #7 – Lea Wait

Week of Sept. 14th.

Once Haunted, Twice Shy – The Peyton Clark Series – H.P. Mallory
Lost Legacy – Zoe Chambers #2 – Annette Dashofy

Week of Sept. 21st.

Memory Zero – Spook Squad #1 – Keri Arthur
Martini Regrets – Sherri Travis #6 – Phyllis Smallman
Broken Trust – Belinda Boring
Jinn and Juice – Nicole Peeler
It’s in His Kiss – A Lucky Harbor Novel – Jill Shalvis
Bones Never Lie – Temperance Brennan #17 – Kathy Reichs

Week of Sept. 28th.

Wolfe Widow – Victoria Abbot
The Queen of Zombie Hearts – White Rabbit Chronicles #3 – Gena Showalter
Summer Moon – Celtic Wolves #2 – Jan DeLima
Incarnate – The Spellmason Chronicles #3 – Anton Strout
Literally Murder – A Black Cat Bookshop Mystery #5 – Ali Brandon
Stirring the Plot – A Cookbook Nook Mystery #3 – Daryl Wood Gerber
Priestess Dreaming – Otherworld #16 – Yasmine Galenorn
He’s so Fine – Lucky Harbor #11 – Jill Shalvis
French Pastry Mystery – A Lucy Stone Novel #21 – Leslie Meier
Murder at Marble House – Gilded Newport Mystery #2 – Alyssa Maxwell

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A Change in Altitude is a Must Read Story

A Change in AltitudeA Change in Altitude
By: Cindy Meyere
Copyright: July 2014
Publisher: Kensington Fiction

With local Maggie Stevens’ baby on the way–not to mention her wedding to Jameso Clark in the works–spring in Eureka promises to be a time of rebirth in more ways than one. To add to the excitement, and refill the town’s depleted coffers, Lucille, the mayor, has wooed a movie producer to Eureka, throwing folks into a tizzy–and inspiring some to reach for the stars. As if that weren’t enough, the bogus Lucky Lady mine the town partially sold turns out to really have gold in it–and possibly a ghost to boot. But with each silver lining, there seems to be a cloud. . .

With Eureka’s financial future at stake, Lucille will have to wrangle Lucky Lady’s greedy half-owner to regain control. Meanwhile, just as Jameso is getting comfortable with the imminent role of husband and father, his wayward sister, Sharon, comes to Eureka to escape a troubled marriage. Can the residents of Eureka find the courage to stand up to ghosts of all kinds and get their beloved town back on its feet in time to welcome their newest addition–and celebrate the gifts of spring. . .?


Spring is looking to be a very interesting time this year. The town is mostly broke, weddings are planned, and the Mayor is desperate to bring money into the town’s coffers. What must be done, what can be done?

This is a very tricky story to read and review. There are so many things going on at once that you need to take notes to know what the characters are doing and who they might be related to. Let’s start with Sharon. She is running for a husband who is a danger to her, her daughter Alina and lastly to himself. Sharon and Alina make a cross country escape in a car that might or might not make it. She is praying that her brother (who she hasn’t heard from in years) will be able to help them. Driving into town Sharon is met by another character who will be looking into her life Sergeant Josh Miller who pulls up behind her parked car to see if she needed any help.

Then we have her brother Jameso (AKA Jay Clarkson) who is getting married and his intended bride is pregnant…
So much is going on, and only 302 pages to fit it all into. This book starts out as if it would be a 500 pager but it will surprise you how quickly you will fall into the cadence of reading, and ignoring the world around you as you engage with the people of Eureka and their lives. I’ve probably left out a bunch of people who are going to make you want to slap them, or laugh at them.. but that’s my job as a reviewer. This book is an intriguing story and I honestly think you should beg, borrow or steal a copy to hide in your reading corner with.

FTC Full Disclosure: I received this book from the publisher in return for a fair and honest review.

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